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Benefits Of The Team Building Training

team buildingI went for a team building program organized by my company recently and now I felt like I am a totally new person. I came back feeling more energized and motivated to work harder for my company. Guess I did fulfill the purpose of the whole program.

I believe that employee motivation commonly benefits from suitable and well run team building games, exercises, and activities, including puzzles and quizzes. You can also use free team building games and exercises ideas as ice-breakers and energizers to warm up meetings, workshops, training, and conferences. That was what hit me throughout the whole team building program.

What I learned from team building training?

I learnt that from games and activities, we would be very well motivated to reach our goals; personal as well as company’s goals.  Apart from that, these games and activities are able to bring our personality which could make you shine or the other way around.  And especially for those games which were conducted in groups or teams, you can really see the leader in each one of them; how they lead their team, how they manage their team members, how they delegate their work based on their skills and talents. All these are like practical training sessions for leaders, to make them use of their leadership skills in those games.

Team building game are useful

Team building games and activities are useful also in serious business project meetings, where games and activities help delegates to see things differently and use different thinking styles. This is one important point as most leaders may not see what their subordinates are actually seeing. This is not a literal meaning, but in terms of opinions as well as experience. A leader may not have gone through the experience that the subordinates had, but with these activities and games, they are exposed to the different opinions of others. This exercise would be useful for leaders, especially, in trying to put themselves into other peoples’ shoes to be aware of what is happening all around them.

The games, exercises and quizzes help to stimulate the brain, improving retention of ideas, learning, and increasing fun and enjoyment. When everyone is in an enjoyable environment, I noticed that they are more interested to work and co-operate with one another. I guess it is because it is a stress-free environment thus they do not feel the pressure and burden to work, but instead just enjoy what they are doing. That was an eye opener for me which I can use to improve the work flow in my department.

Finally my message to all: team building is must for every employee.


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