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Coaching And Mentoring

Coaching And Leadership Style

Being successful requires leadership rather than just management. The environment is changing rapidly for us to rely on employees to follow every procedure. We need leaders who can empower their staff to make their wise decisions. Management skills of leaders today consist of coaching, mentoring and appraisal. We will go further in depth regarding coaching style of leadership.

Coach is a personal change experts who helps you to take actions you want to reach a goal. A coach help others to identify important priorities, consult you about strategy and is a well trained professional with unique set of coaching leadership skills…[ more]

Leadership Mentoring – Key To Success 

It has been shown to have a positive effect on one’s career where ones who had mentor have been better pain, more satisfied with their work and reached their positions faster. Leadership mentoring also reduce turnover, increase transfer of knowledge and facilitates the social relationship between new comers into their organization. Leadership mentoring also facilitates one’s adjustment of their retirement process…[ more]

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