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Charismatic Leader

The term charisma is of Greek origin, which simply meant a gift freely given that inspires others or a gift from God. Putting the two definitions make “charisma” a gift conferred by God, that is able to inspire others to perform at their utmost. It is important for a leader to be charismatic. Nowadays, there is a leadership style called charismatic leadership! This article discusses about charismatic leader.

So what does a charismatic leader do? They inspire others to be their best. This means that they demonstrate their charisma in order to inspire their members that they can do the same too. While other types of leaderships encourage members to display only what they have, charismatic leaders are able to encourage their members to give more than what they have, based on what they believe on. In order words, followers have great faith and belief in their charismatic leaders.

However, there are also disadvantages about this charismatic leadership. Just because the leader is too charismatic, any group success would be attributed to the leader alone. This would lead to a drop in group morale. Though members look up pretty much into their leaders, they would still be discouraged when all their hard work leads only to the appreciation to their leaders, not towards themselves. This would lead to a break in group unity and when the group members become not in good terms with their leader, they will no longer respect their leaders. At this moment, the more charismatic the leader is, the more disrespected he becomes as members will start to become envious.

Secondly, as mentioned above, charismatic leadership will cause only the leader be highlighted over the group success. Imagine what happens if the leader leaves the team? The whole team tumbles, as members lose their inspiration to continue to work and offer more than what they have. In this case, the charismatic leader becomes the trademark of the team, without which the team would not be that same team again. Therefore, the leader in this case plays a very important role, even if it is just being present at occasions when the team is present.

Therefore, such charismatic leader is only effective for a short term. Nobody gets extra-ordinarily motivated at all times. This explains why this style of leadership can only influence members of a team for a short period of time.

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