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Leader And Leadership

No matter what you are doing, a leader is a must or inevitable where we need someone to guide us throughout the process and the one who are answerable and responsible for the entire process and the outcome produced. Someone need to make the final decision when we are going to do something or planning something, unless you are the only one who execute the whole thing. For instance, if you are in an assignment group, there will be leader for monitoring the whole group progress, he or she will be the one who always supervise and give the direction or make the final decision when there are conflicts, problems and other situation happens.

Leadership is the influence where it has the power that to influence or affect people to follow what he or she says. It is the charisma or power or personality that people surrounding will be influenced or affected where we will follow the order or step unconsciously. But, please do not confused the leadership is same to be the person who accountable for the things. Leadership does not mean that you are the one who responsible for the thing or the title make you the leader. There are so many cases that the leader who is having the title does not have leadership; or the who accountable for the outcome are not the one who lead.

Nowadays, in most working environment, the companies and organization would prefer to recruit those who have leadership skill where it could be seen from the activities of school or previous employment experience. As leadership skill could maximize productivity of the person and it also can create the positive culture. Leadership personality could help you in team work working environment where all the subordinates are willing to follow and associate with you without any objections. It will make your career or work go smoothly.

If you could not find out that you are having leadership traits, you could go for leadership development. Leadership could be naturally born with you, but also could be trained to become the leader if you do have the potential to become the leader. There are so many courses available on the market in order to find out your potential to become the successful leader in future. The course might contains the topics such as communication skills, innovation, motivation, teamwork, delegation, diversity , emotional intelligence, coaching, fundamental of management and others which need to be owned by the leader.

After attending the leadership development course, you will basically know what the situations or cases that will be solved or handled by the leader. For example, you need to motivate your team in order to maximize the productivity or result. As a leader, you need to always monitor or supervise your team member where to make sure the productivity and performance, thus, motivation and advices needed in order to improve their performance.

Even though you are naturally born leadership person, you still need to shape it with some skills such as communication skills and emotional intelligence where you need to learn and master it before becoming a successful leader.

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