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Leader, Team And Task Delegation

Being a leader means being able to lift up to his or her role to lead the team or the people, precisely. It could be just a small team or a big nation, a leader’s role and principle is always the same, but they may differ in terms of vision. What makes each leader unique and different from each other is their personality. With different personalities, their leadership styles may be apparent and significantly different, but all with the same motive of leading.

Personalities of a leader will determine the rise or fall of the group of persons they are leading. Imagine a leader who often pushes tasks and jobs tasks to others while himself or herself have none? Well, in this particular situation, there are two sides of it to look at. If looking at a negative way, you would be thinking that the leader is just not willing to do the tasks themselves but instead pushes the responsibility to the subordinates. If that is your point of view, then you would have the impression that the leader is someone who is lazy and not willing to help in the tasks given.

But if looking at another perspective, what the leader did may be correct. He or she pushes the tasks to others as a form of delegating tasks, rather than avoiding responsibility that comes with it. They are able to trust others in the tasks that they are willing to pass it to them to be handled and carry out their role in supervising the progress of that task and advising them if any problems may arise. If they do not trust the others, they would have performed the task by themselves as being a leader, they have a responsibility towards the whole team. Thus, any good or bad impression will be dependent on the leaders’ actions in handling situations like this.

Knowing how to delegate tasks is one important task that a good leader should have. He or she would have to understand the skills and knowledge of their subordinates in order to help bring out the best in them, which would then be transmitted into the task(s) given. If the wrong task is given to the wrong person, disaster would strike and surely the one that is to be blamed would be the leader. Thus, delegating tasks is an utmost and critical decision that a leader has to make and only with a clear mind and clear understanding of his or her people under their wing, can they lead the whole team to success.

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