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Leaders And Managers

How do you define leaders and managers? Do you know that there is difference or overlap between the leaders and managers? For most of people, leader and manager is not different where we use it for the same term. In fact, they are different from many aspects. From the word definition, manager does have their subordinates where he or she has the power over than others. He or she has the authority and power to order his or her subordinate to execute certain things. On the other hand, leader is not necessary having the subordinates except when they are leading. While in most cases where the manager is also acting as the leader, then they do have their subordinates. However, in normal term, the leader does not have subordinate where they only have their followers, as the followers are following the leader as the voluntary activity instead of the formal authority. For instance, you are forced to follow or obey the order by your manager as he got the formal authority to ask you to do so. But, you are voluntary to follow your leader’s order even he or she does not possess the formal authority or right to ask you to do so.

It could be seen that the manager is linking to the power, authority and transactional style. Manager is given the formal authority and power for the operation. Thus, the subordinate will follow what manager say because of they have been promised a reward which is salary to do so. On the other hands, leader is always linked to charisma, personalities and transformational style. Leadership is naturally born charisma with someone where there will be followers go after the leader. The followers are not be promised by certain rewards or returns such as money to follow the leader. However, they are doing according to the leader’s say as in the voluntary action.

Leader and manager will have different aspects towards on working. Hence, they are also different in the way of treating others, such as the way to talk with someone. For example, the manager is focus on the productivity of his or her subordinates, while the leader might concern on the process instead of the outcome. Thus, the thinking of leader and manager is different, and it also make the way of they doing things is different too. Well, leader will be more to inspire people to greatness where the manager will be more to transactional style which is giving the instruction for subordinate to complete it.

Lastly, leader will be more to influence to others where the manager will be more to authorize to others. One is giving influence to others without their awareness, one is giving instruction or order to ask them to follow it.

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