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Four Essential Skills For A Leader

Today’s life is pretty much like what is being showed in the television. Often we see that leaders of a company like the Chief Executive Officers are leading an easy life because all that they have to do is to turn up in office, sign the relevant documents, speak a word or two, reprimand employees and go home when time is up. Do you know that there are actually more important skills that leaders play, without us knowing? This article discusses about the managerial skills of a leader.

The first essential skill of a leader is figurehead. A figurehead is a person who represents an organization or a company. The person is so important that seeing his face is equivalent to seeing the company’s presence. In other words, the person is a trademark that represents a certain organization. Leaders that usually play such skill are either the executives of the company or the top managers.

The second essential skill of a leader is information disseminator. This may sound like an administrator’s job to you, but let me remind you – it is a very important skill that is actually played by a leader. A leader has to be abreast with the newest information that can help build the company through organizational learning and disseminate them to his department of employees. This ensures that the subordinates are always knowledgeable and are always ready to tackle with uncertainties that may arise with the ever-changing economy.

The third essential skill that a leader must have is disturbance handler. Working in the business world, not only does a company sell a product, but it also sells it services. Selling both goods and services can allow for a lot of uncertainties to occur. For example, if a supplier stops production due to natural disaster, the supply chain would be disrupted. The disturbance handler is a skill that requires the leader to seek for alternative solutions in cases of disturbances. Other than that, if a customer comes forward to complain, a leader has to be courteous enough to comfort the customer and help him or her solve the problem faced.

Finally, a leader has to be a good negotiator. Negotiation is a skill whereby two or more parties start to discuss about the portion or amount of benefits that they are about to give or receive. A leader fights for all the rights of his company and not only does this uplift the morale of the workforce, but the company also enjoys a lucrative profit.

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