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Types of Leaders

As all we know, leaders are the persons who lead the team. It basically refers to the leaders shall clear with the tasks given and distribute them to the team members.

We would like to share about the types of leaders. According Professor James MacGregor Burns, it can be categories as charismatic, transactional and transformational generally based on researches and observations. It is important to know that the different type of leader may have different styles and opinions in handling matters and leading the team members. From the first starts, charismatic future types basically mean the leaders are capable to influence and inspire the team members during the corporation. They are more depending on personality than the authority and power. They are more capable in communication and vision ability. They always present themselves in a confidence condition to inspire and give motion to the team members.

Next are the transactional leaders. They are always in the form of easy to get along. They mainly focus on the self interests and immediate needs of the team members. On the other side, they are also easily to loss focus on the main purpose of the tasks and goals for future achievement. In the form to say, they may need the advance training in the leadership to be the future leaders. The third types of future leaders that Professor James MacGregor Burns mentioned are the transformational leaders. They are more realistic and practical. As they have the mind sight of changing and improving, they will be more self-motivated in leading the team members and hope them will improve as well during the corporation of the tasks.

Conclusion, the three types of leaders mentioned in Professor James MacGregor Burns’ books are not covered all as still have some minor and detailed description among these future leaders. You shall learn more to improve and develop yourself to become the future leader.

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