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Influencing and Persuading: a Fundamental Skill of a Leader (Training)

“Influencing Training” Overview:

Most of us need to influence other people whether our boss to get their agreement to a holiday or a child to get them to eat their vegetables. The best influencers have good interpersonal and communication skills and an ability to get other people to want to give their support. The best negotiators are subtle, fair and know what to give away, when to make demands and how to compensate when there are difficulties.

Knowing what you want and discovering what others want are the keys to effective negotiation. The Influencing and Persuading Skills course will help you build skills and confidence to negotiate with others and develop persuading and influencing skills. By focusing specifically on the use of language and language patterns participants will learn a range of tools and techniques to enhance their communication skills in situations where they need to negotiate, persuade and influence effectively.

During “Influencing Training” participants will learn:

  • To create resourceful inner states and how to use them consciously in achieving their outcomes.
  • To formulate worthwhile goals and understand how to go about achieving them.
  • Fully understand your primary influence and persuasion style and how it impacts others.
  • Develop a strategy that will assist when communicating with others to achieve your ideal outcome.
  • Use enhanced persuasion skills to act as an opinion shaper amongst your colleagues.
  • Develop a practical toolkit that will aid handling difficult people and situations.
  • Understand and apply the core principles of negotiation
Who Should Attend “Influencing Training”? This training is design for those who want develop influencing and persuading skills at all levels.

Influencing Training Outline

Module 1: The NLP Communication Model
  • The Basics
  • The Four Pillars of Communication
  • Presuppositions that define our thinking

Module 2: Persuasion and Influencing

  • Skills and Attributes
  • Push and Pull techniques
  • Influencing Exercises

Module 3: Communicating to be Understood

  • The Way it is Model
  • Questioning Styles
  • Listening Styles Questionnaire

Module 4: Influencing Different Social Styles

  • Social Styles
  • Hints and Tips
  • Exercise

Module 5: Transactional Analysis

  • Ego States
  • Questionnaire
  • Exercises

Module 6: Influencing Upwards

  • Senior Managers and their Social Styles  Hints and Tips
  • Power Levers
  • Exercise: Power Lever strategy

Module 7: Influencing Challenging Situations

  • Formula for dealing with difficult situations
  • Drama Triangle
  • Exercise: Once upon a time
  • Getting off the Drama Triangle
  • Formula for Saying No


“one day course that could benefit organisation in total” Manager, Petronas Gas Berhad

“strong presentation, with valuable information and examples fro real life” Executive Director, KFMC

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