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Transition to Manager: How Your Leadership Style Impacts Others (Seminar)

“Transition to Manager” Overview

The Harvard Professor, Linda Hill, stated that learning how to lead is a process of learning and unlearning. If you’re a really successful star producer, you have to unlearn to create the space to learn how to transform your professional identity. It’s a very deep kind of learning—a different mindset, a different set of values. Many people reported ‘I never knew a promotion would be so painful’ because of that unlearning process.

It’s so much harder to assess your impact through others, so transition to manager is not only about the acquisition of competencies, but really the acquisition of a new professional identity to be able to do the work you need to do when you’re working with other people, as opposed to doing the work yourself. This Program helps the participants to face this transition and define new ways of working that will allow them to be effective leaders in their organisation.

This program seeks to assist recently appointed leaders and supervisors to transition into the leadership role. This is the most significant and challenging transition – from subject matter expert to delivering results through a team.

Leadership Challenge:

It is essential in “Transition to Manager” seminar that each participant brings a leadership challenge to work on during the program – e.g. developing a vision, making critical change

During “Transition to Manager” Participants Will:

  • Understand the transformation process to manager
  • Ensure all your people care about and understand their impact on the customer experience
  • Understand their personal impact on others and flex their communication and behavioural styles and approaches to improve working relationships
  • Empower, support, coach and challenge your people to grow and perform at their best
  • Articulate and role model your personal leadership “brand” and values while valuing others’ strengths and differences
  • Communicate openly and transparently, continually monitoring your impact and adapting your behaviour

The Benefits -Typical results at work include:

  • A leader who concentrates on the important issues and aligns their team with what really needs to be done
  • Effective communication that will instigate changes to be made in the organisation
  • Improved motivation
  • Enhanced team working
  • A proactive approach towards change

Who Should Attend “Transition to Manager” Seminar? 

  • Recently appointed Team leaders
  • Team leaders keen to further their management skills
  • Department or Functional managers
  • Project managers
  • Leaders who wish to re-establish organisational purpose and direction

“Transition to Manager” Seminar Outline

Module 1: Courageous Leadership

Exercise: Getting Things Done!!

  • Leadership perspectives
  • Situational Leadership
  • Charismatic Leadership
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Transactional Leadership
  • Leadership Myths
  • Exercise:  My leadership journey so far

Module 2: Values and Credibility

  • My values
  • Organisational values
  • Alignment of self, team and organisation
  • Black and Red Game

Module 3: Building a Team that Excels

  • Heron’s Six Interventions Styles
  • A Leadership Case Study
  • Exercise – Viking Game

Module 4: Creating a Compelling Future

  • Creating a vision of the future
  • Engaging your team
  • Storytelling devices and techniques
  • Representational Systems – how we present the world to others
  • Language Styles
  • Exercise: Telling the Change or Vision Story

Module 5: Delivering Results that Inspire: Sources of Power and Influence

  • A Persuasion Questionnaire
  • Influencing Myths
  • Sources of influence and power
  • Stages of Buy-in
  • A strategic approach to influencing
  • Exercise: developing your influencing style

Module 6: Developing People to Achieve: Understanding the Coaching Approach

  • Coaching Quiz
  • Directive and non directive activities
  • Three coaching styles
  • Balancing Challenge and support
  • Coaching for individual and team performance
  • Listening on four levels
  • Great Questions

Module 7: GROWing Leaders

  • The GROW Model
  • A question bank
  • Video – A coaching moment
  • Exercise: coaching trios


“the trainer moderated the course very well ensuring full participation. in addition, the training was provided on a case study basis, thus, allowing better grasp of the knowledge” Manager, Bank Negara Malaysia

“very interesting trainer with very interesting trainer” Manager, Bank Negara Malaysia

” a totally different training approach, i am enjoying the time spent here” Manager, Sapura Industrial


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