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List Of Skills To Be A Good Leader

Through internet or books, you always can read a long list of leadership skills. Nonetheless, it is the key element in being a good leader. Here, We have summarized a brief and more essential list for you who are preparing yourself to be a good leader.

The list, to let you assess your leadership skill in your current position, is as below:

  • Goal setting, focusing on how to identify and develop the path to achieve it. Know what you want sounds easy, however is difficult to work in practice. Holding leader position must first clear about the direction in the best interest of everyone.
  • Communication, after you have a crystal-clear goal. This inter-personal skill, including words, tone, and body language, fills up our life always. You must communicate to others so that they could know where you want to go.
  • Accuracy, will affect the process above. You do communicate but cannot transfer the right message. Therefore, the communication bridge will yet be broken. This kind of error would likely to occur a great deal of opportunity costs.
  • Influence, is part of communication bridges too. You think and you do. But how about others? So you must communicate to influence their thoughts, and so they will act in your way too.
  • Inspiration brings along the motivation and spirit. Usually, it comes from the words leader use. Inspire your followers can lead them to full loyalty and potential.
  • Decision-making, is very crucial in determining success. A quick and correct decision is vital during emergency. Sometimes, you do need accommodate your decision with others’ different thoughts.
  • Information will influence the degree of correctness of your decisions. Based on facts and truths, you will be able to make a relevant and reliable decision. Otherwise, it would be a failure for a leader.
  • Listening would be a must for a leader. Either good or bad news, a leader must listen and learn it. Avoidance would never be a good solution.
  • Plan your works, increases your chance of being a success leader. Plan better with good prioritization would enable your resources utilizing in an efficient and effective way.
  • Problem-solving, could bring you to the goal smoothly. There are a lot of obstacles such as limited resources, conflict between people, performance delay and so on. Handle them in calm and responsive way would earn respect from others too.
  • Emotional management would be a master skill that a leader should have. Hot-headedness or fear will cause you into doubt of others. This would be quite important, especially when in a hostile situation.

Points above hopefully can help you in drawing an idea of leadership skills. There are more than that, forever. Turn your goal into reality would be a mean of leadership success.

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