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Leadership Training Activities

Leadership training is a great opportunity for you to train your current and future leaders in enhancing their leadership skills. In fact, leadership training should be conducted at least 2 to 3 times per year so as to keep your current and future leaders polished with their leadership skills and in the same time, ensure that they are all in the same pace so as to allow continuity of the workload in the organization.

There are many activities one can do during the leadership training. One of the activities that can be conducted during the leadership training is through the discussion on the organization’s problems and possible solutions to solve the problems. Besides, this leadership training activities can also serve a good cause in helping one understand the climate of the organization in understand more of the employee’s feelings towards their subordinates as well as the organization as a whole. Through this, the organization will be able to solve the problem before becoming worse.

Another leadership training activity that you can do is through the training of grouping up work priorities. This is important in making sure that your current and future employees are having a focus in the work they are doing and in the same time, you can also detect the desirable and undesirable workload of the employees so that you can assign the right task to the right leader in the future.

Apart from that, you can also conduct mini activities or games during your leadership training so as to lighten up the mood of the training. One of such activities/games includes the activity named “Tangled”. This activity can help the current and future leaders to brainstorm and figure out ways to solve a problem without the need to involve the risk of having to hurt or provide any negative outcomes to the others. By this, your current and future leaders need to be alert and analytical in solving the problem with the best solution they can find.

Another mini activity you can conduct in your leadership training is the “Trashcan Ball” activity. This activity requires the current and future leaders to understand the importance of giving out instructions to the team members as well as having a good ear in listening to the feedbacks and opinions from the team members. Through this activity, it is expected that the current and future leader can understand the importance of giving out concise instructions to the team members and also to train themselves in listening to them without any judgment beforehand.

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