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Defining Leadership

While everyone is talking about leadership, you might have your own idea. A precise definition of leadership should not deserve your full concern. The real heart of leadership is in the context.

You could collect vast amount of information, such as definitions, principles, guidelines and others, about being a leader. It might kick you a start, but in order to maintain, you should understand who you are.

The information is either general or specific from one of great leaders in the globe. They have their own traits or characteristics. You have yours to be a leader you want to be. So, where should you start from?

Without denying the significance, the bulk of information can roughly help you to get the idea of leadership. It is a process, or a power, to bring people together towards a mutual vision and objectives. You, from few words, could know about job scope of a leader. And as always, it is actually wider and more unexpected than that.

Its definition is complicated further by a leader’s adaptive skill. It is a must. Therefore, we often cannot have a one-size definition that fits all. For example, a leader would change and use authoritative manner during crisis while participative when business is mature.

“I” needs to change to “We”, when you are into a leadership. Foster your people would be essential to an effective leadership. You could not choose your way of working by looking at those definitions. Instead, you should look at your people’s personal attributes and thus decide the effective way of leading them.

If you are new to this leadership field, you could take some leaders as your reference. Preferably, they are someone nearby you. The advantage is you can closely notice their approach of talking and doing. Sure, you should modify it to your own in order to suit your wishes.

But they are not necessarily your superior. Ironically, a junior could be able to surprise you with his wise thoughts and creative ideas. It is regardless of job position or social status. They are merely undiscovered or not fully trained to be a leader.

Leader is human being, as he also has some weak spots. Nonetheless, they are either smart to hide or successfully change into goods. To define your own leadership, you should draw a matrix of your strengths and weaknesses. Compare with the one of a typical leader. Then, you should know what you could do more to be better.

“Leadership is like beauty; it is hard to define, but you know it when you see it”. Warren Bennis tells us that you define your leadership, but not others.

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