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Definition of Leadership

Definition of Leadership


Along the years, many leaders have outlined their view on what the Definition of Leadership is. There are many definitions of leadership. For some is the ability to enable a group to engage together in the process of developing and achieving a goal. Most people emphasise the essential value of the leader’s character and integrity in building the trust from their group members. This article has collected a few definitions.

Definition of Leadership according to dictionary

According to the Collins English Dictionary, the Definition of Leadership is the position or function of a leader, the period during which a person occupies the position of leader, and the ability to lead. This type of definition elaborates more on the position, the tenure of the leader as well as the capabilities of the leader. However, it does not emphasise much about the hallmarks and the character a leader should possess.

Definition of leadership according to experts

Some of the definitions include inspiring others, helping other team members realize their full potential, serving, leading by example, listening, understanding and making a difference in each of the team members who are put under them. Pete Drucker said the it can be defined as someone who has followers.

Definition of Leadership according to John C Maxwell

To gain followers, according to John C Maxwell is to have; as he defined the Definition of Leadership to be: influence-nothing more, nothing less. Several of the world leaders have lacked integrity, honesty and transparency. They have instead adopted values that are not shared by many people today.

John C Maxwell purported that leadership builds character. He also maintained that without integrity, trustworthiness, transparency and responsibility, the ability to influence people will greatly diminish. According to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester is the process of influencing the behaviour of other people towards a group goal in a way that fully respects their freedom. Christians also define it as the ability to put prayer as the hallmark of their leadership. They also believe that leadership can be defined by the respect of a team member’s freedom. They believe; like Jesus that influence should not be compelled upon any one. Instead, one should lead by example.

According to Warren Bennis it is a function of knowing yourself, having a vision that is well communicated, building trust among colleagues and taking effective action to realize your own leadership potential. His opinion is one that talks about the function and responsibility of a leader.

In conclusion, there can never be one specific definition of leadership. It is up to you to decide how you want to define your own leadership and live according to that.

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