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Example of Good Leadership

good leadership
Good Leadership

Here we are going to talk about couple of good leadership examples. In daily life, every person might have different tasks or jobs but they are working for the same objective where to celebrate certain festive such as Chinese New Year or Hari Raya. In this situation, the leader is working as the coordinator and the one who giving the task and supervise the working progress of the whole team. Leadership could be naturally born or being trained where it is not an impossible to be a good leader.

What is good leadership?

Actually, leadership is being as the process of influencing others to accomplish an objective. Or it could be explained as the power of influencing a group of people in order to achieve the common or same goal. Leader will influence their group members or others in order to accomplish certain things. For an example, class representative will lead his or her classmates to decorative their classroom for celebration.

Good leadership examples:

We can try to learn to become a good leader throughout the examples of good leadership. Mahatma Gandhi is very good leadership models that we can learn from him. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is always being recommended as the best leadership example. Mahatma Gandhi was the Indian lawyer where being famous because of he used the total nonviolence, civil disobedience and honesty to set his country free from the British Empire. He was merely to hold his beliefs and authentic nature; people were being so supportive to him and finally successful to set their country from the British Empire. Well, form Mahatma Gandhi, we can learn about the dedication and determination where he always believe in his beliefs where make him successful.

There is another famous leadership examples that we can refer to which is Martin Luther King,Jr. Martin Luther King, Jr, is known as the great leader where he was passionate about the African-American civil rights cause and poverty. Where at the moment of time, there was the serious problem of skin color or so called discrimination. He followed the Mahatma Ghandi that using non-violence method to make people support him. However, he was remembered as the great leadership model is because he could inspire people. He had delivered a speech, “I have a dream” which had inspired so many people for his action and objective which was the color blind society. It shows us another important point where we need to be passionate but also need to learn how to inspire and influence others in order to lead. Thus, communication skill is a must to be good leader where you need to be able to inspire people to follow and support.

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