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Leadership Wiki

Leadership Wiki is a new terminology for me, which I picked up from the newspapers days ago. It is actually aspects or factors that would make up a paradigm known as the Leadership and examines the components of excellence in leadership. It mainly touches on the foundations, components of leadership and also looking at the lives of ideal leaders which is a great inspiration to the leaders today.

The of Leadership Wiki; it is filled with various aspects of leadership. The diagram clearly shows that every aspect is interrelated be a good leader, with selflessness becoming the ideal or vision of this. It is also divided into two parts which are character and knowledge which are two important elements of this whole wheel.

Characters play half of the part of Leadership Wiki. A leader have to be courageous to decide in his or her job. He or she must be confident enough that whatever decision that is made is for the good of all. Besides, a leader should also have the will power to persist. Persistence is important for a leader, as it will determine the successfulness of being a leader. A leader should also be initiative enough to be a self stalker. Initiative will prove his or her willingness to work as a leader based on Leadership Wiki.

Knowledge on the job is also crucial in determining leadership. He or she must be fully equipped with the knowledge and skills of the job that they taken on. Only when he or she understand the needs of the job, will he or she be more effective in whatever actions she does. Apart from knowing about the job, leadership wiki also looks at knowing our self. We should be able to know who we really are as a person in order to allow our full potential to grow and nurtured on. It will be beneficial in various ways. Lastly would be having the ability to deal with people. Having the knowledge of the person that you would be working with will help you eventually, in adaptation and soon leading to greater co-operation in your job as a leader. Therefore, having this ability is an advantage for those who would be dealing a lot with other people.

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