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How Well Do You Understand Leadership?

In a hierarchy of any kind, be it social, work, relationship, family and etc., everybody wants the position of a leader, why? The leader gets all the benefits, they get first pick when it comes to anything, the followers will have to submit to the leaders will, and the leaders will have the final say in decisions allowing him to usually get the outcome he wants.

Well, that is the sweet layer on top of the title of a leader, take a moment and think about it, do you really think there is anything in the world which is so beneficial and comes with absolutely no downfalls? I really can’t think of one, and being a leader isn’t a joy ride through the park either.

The thing with a lot of us is that we just like to see the plus points of being a leader, but we never actually consider the downsides of being a leader. To understand all of the above we must first find out the definition of leadership. Leadership can basically be defined as the journey of one person to influence others to accomplish objectives and goals with him under his supervision and guidance. At this point you’re probably wondering why that definition of leadership doesn’t sound half as exciting as the thought of becoming a leader. Well the reason for that is because it isn’t. Being a leader is more than just making decisions for yourself and your group, it is about taking the responsibility of ensuring the accomplishment of the goal or objective in a manner which is as efficient and effective as possible.

Many times being a leader comes with a lot of responsibilities and a lot of us who never take time to consider the burden of shouldering those responsibilities jump onto the band wagon of being a leader and end up with disastrous results. An example of understanding the weight of responsibilities of being a leader can be seen in the movie the lion king. This movie has the definition of leadership written all over it.

We can learn a lot from Simba who wanted so much to be a king when he was little, because he hasn’t understood the responsibility of being a king, when he has grown up we can see how he struggles to accept the heavy burden of being a king and the battles he has to fight in order to attain and maintain that title.

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