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What Many Articles do not Tell You About Leadership – leadership articles.

Many leadership articles have been written so far. Everyone everywhere is writing something and sometimes anything about leadership and how to become a good leader. but really, how much can one read? How much can you really learn from a leadership article? Leadership is a hand on thing. So, what do you really need to be reading to add to your knowledge about becoming a leader? What is it that the thousands of articles written don’t tell you? Well, this leadership article is going to explain away what you need to know about becoming a leader.

What you learn from leadership articles?

I have learned that no leader can learn everything from leadership articles and books that others write. I have read many books about leadership and being a good leader. I knew all the basic concepts. All these concepts are very important. However, you cannot rely fully on the leadership articles to teach you the art of leadership.

While leading my team, task dividing was really hard. Everyone wanted to lead. Most people don’t want to listen to you. They want you to listen to them. No one wants to be bossed around. No one wants to just sit back and take orders from you. So, as a leader, how are you going to solve this? Well, it is best for you and not a leadership article to decide how you want to solve this. You are anyway the leader. There is no particular solution to this that any article can offer you but you should always remain calm and hear what others have to say. Being a leader is not easy when everyone wants to say something or give an input into the goal. So, do let them blabber on about what they think. Take notes, nod, and listen attentively. If you do agree, go ahead with their ideas. If you don’t, make sure you always find a diplomatic way out of things. Remember, diplomacy is the key.

It is also important to realize that no one else will care about your office as much as you do. You are accountable for every success and failure. Be nice to everyone and it is good to notice that the people whom you expect to kick you down the most will most probably be the ones who come around you and help you when you fail. Another vital thing that most leadership articles don’t say is to always know your own ethical bottom line. Never forget what your ethics are. Leadership articles also miss out the fact that when someone does you an injustice, don’t get mad or want to hit back at them-that is not a leader. Maybe a thug on the streets, but definitely not leader material. Leave it up to time to catch up with them.

Leadership articles are mostly written with good intentions in mind. However, these leadership articles should not solely be your source of leadership training. Leadership skills are honed through training and experience.

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