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What is Leadership Grid

You might only know grid in mathematical or geographic subject. What is Leadership Grid? It is a graphic tool in evaluating leader behaviour along two basic attributes concern for results and concern for people.

Leadership is quite abstract, until you could not find an exact definition for it. However, everyone is trying hard to measure effectiveness of leadership. It explains the motive behind Leadership Grid.

It might not be 100% useful; however it yet can assist a leader to assess his leadership style. Most of leaders are leaders because they are in position of leading people. What they act? How should they behave? Why they are role model for subordinates? It is often unanswerable to them.

This grid, across the world, will be more suitable for use in organizational or team leadership. It displays the behaviour of leaders through two axes – concern for results and concern for people. Number of 1 to 9 indicates level of concern in that particular aspect.

Concern for results could be defined as task orientation. This kind of leader would like to judge one person’s effort by the result or outcome. Moreover, he would facilitate and delegate tasks to the right person in order to reinforce the quality of good works. Target is a very crucial role in here.

Concern for people, in other way is employee orientation. Employees will feel lesser pressure, compared to the previous one, when cooperating with this leader. Therefore, you can discover a sense of respect and trust among them. Relationship is in a good and harmony state all the times.

Refer to the example of leaders above, they are standing in (1, 1) grid. It is only be means of their position printed on the business card. The truth is this leader is indifferent to his workers except of status.

It would be the best to reach at (9, 9) grid. Nonetheless, it is rarely seen. Leaders in this position will set higher expectation and goals, but in the same time could tolerate and build solid relationship with his subordinates. In terms of conflicts, he could also handle well without damaging the team bond.

More common, you can meet leaders in (5, 5) grid. They are balanced leader, achieving an optimal point between social relationships and team results. In a team, they act as leader but also compromiser. They will normally push the good and drive out the bad. Thus, they sometimes are being accused of avoiding conflicts.

With this tool, it does not tell us which leadership style could be applied in what situation. It is only a reflection of your leadership without opinions and comments.

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