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Wheel In The Skills For The Team Leader

What makes a good team leader? There are many lines that distinct between top down leadership and team leadership. If you are about to become a team leader, read on to find out what are the skills that you may need to prepare you for what you may be encountering as a team leader.

A team leader needs to be someone who affirmative and influential. In a team everyone has his own part to play. Everyone has to contribute something in order for the finished work to be a success. As a leader, you have to be skilful enough to get all your team members to work together, each doing his own part. This is easier said than done. As you are dealing with human beings, things can get tough when there is a lack of corporation, lack of understanding, a lack of communication or a lack of willingness to participate whole-heartedly. How to become influential? Well, that is by serving; leading by action. Your team members look up to you as a leader, someone who can lead them on to success. So, if you are to get your team members up and working together, you need to first lead by example. It is vital that you roll up your sleeves as well, and work alongside them.

Being resilient it is very important. Keeping calm and collected during a stressful encounter is vital for a leader. This does not mean that the leader is aloof and detached emotionally from the situation. Being a team leader requires you to be fully involved in a situation, but always keep cool by keeping your emotions in check. You should be someone who is gracious, polite even in the toughest and most demanding of situations. As a leader, you are always calm because to solve a situation, you need to be collected and think clearly. This skill is not inborn. However, it can be learned, developed and strengthened through experience.

Another important factor is being good listener. You should know that the final decision is not just yours, but the entire teams. So, listen to every member’s opinion. Listen attentively, consider their opinions and value them. There is nothing worse than feeling that his opinion is not being valued by your team leadership. Note that every decision made should be done by voting. This will allow a sense of fairness for the members. A skilful leader is also one who is resourceful. As the team leader, he is the one who initiates the resource finding challenge. He is the one who seeks out new trends, new ideas and new information. All that he finds from his seeking will be shared with all his group members.

Leadership skills can be learned, strengthened and developed. So, if you fail in leadership, that is not the end of it; pick yourself up and keep learning, keep on trying!

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