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Essential Elements Of Being An Effective Team Leader

Being a leader is no easy task. The role of a leader is and always has been a highly coveted role. It gives an individual a chance to play the decision maker, the filtering board which all ideas and suggestions has to go to, and more importantly the sole receiver of a majority of the praise and credit if the task, goal or objective is met. Nobody ever passes their credit or praise to the group members whom have aided the leader in accomplishing the task. Upon hearing all those things, unless you’re a leader yourself, do you not feel that it seems a little bit unfair on the part of the members? Truth be told, it does sound unfair but the reason it seems unfair is because a lot of us do not know how difficult it is to play the role of a leader.

For those of us whom are unfamiliar with the Meryl Streep, but the focus here is the character she is portraying here in this picture, Miranda Priestly, the leader of a multi-billion dollar fashion magazine company. She is the perfect example of a leader gone wrong, she barely showed any leadership skills at all, except for one, her intelligence, Miranda was an extremely intelligent woman who knows her way around manipulating people and ultimately get what she wants.

Sadly that situation will probably only work if you were in the exact scenario that Miranda Priestly was in, in any other situation, the members of the group would have probably have done a takeover of some sort and overthrow the leader. This is the reason why we should really let our leaders gain all that respect and praise for leading the team, because leading a team is not easy. Let’s take a look at all the training that a team leader has to go through before he is qualified enough to lead a team.

Maximize performance – In order to be an effective leader, the first and most important thing you should be able to do is to accomplish goals. In order to accomplish the goals your group has set out to do your leader is required to know how to maximize the group’s performance to ensure maximum output.

Motivate and empower the team – Besides that, a team leader must also know how to keep the team motivated and inspired, if a team leader does not possess this skill. It is likely that the team will fall apart and give a poor performance.

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